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Image by NEOM

Content Marketing Projects

Explore a diverse range of my most compelling content marketing projects, created for clients and companies across different countries.


Image by Kenny Eliason

Content Strategy Project - Engagement Campaign

I led a 6-month engagement campaign centred around written riddles for our followers to solve. Successful participants were rewarded with gift vouchers for themselves and a friend, using referral marketing to boost follower count and increase engagement across Instagram and VK for the duration of the campaign and the next 3 months. 


Guest Blogging Project - Article for Where Tiana Travels Blog

I authored a compelling travel article focused on Dubai, resulting in an 11% surge in organic traffic. The strategic use of SEO techniques and affiliate links contributed to the significant increase in organic traffic, showcasing the article's effectiveness in driving brand visibility and attracting a broader online audience.

Image by Ishan @seefromthesky


Image by Tom Morbey

Content Creation Project - Brand Diversity Awareness Campaign

I created engaging social media posts showcasing a diverse range of brands for Autotrade. These posts featured compelling descriptions and visuals, incorporating elements of ethnicity and humour. The result was a noticeable increase in awareness of brand variety and a change in purchasing behaviour. This shift was reflected in a significant rise in online inquiries about these brands, demonstrating the campaign's impact on driving consumer interest and engagement

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