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Explore my writing portfolio, featuring articles, blogs, and content across diverse topics and styles.

"The Dangers of Social Media for Teen Mental Health"

Article published on the Rose-Minded non-profit organisation website

Image by Anthony Fomin

"A Local's Guide to Visiting Dubai on a Budget" 

Article for a travel and lifestyle blog, Where Tiana Travels.  

Image by Ashim D’Silva

"Oral Contraceptives are Not a One-Size-Fits-All"

Article for One Woman Project

Birth Control Pills

 “Defending your right to party”

Article about illegal  raves in the UK for Public Pressure Magazine.

Image by Zachary Smith

"How Siberian Shamanism is Surviving Through Centuries of Opression"

Feature article published in Witchology Magazine Spring 2023 issue. 

Image by nikita velikanin

"Bimbo, Skintern and Old Hag: Looks Bias for Women in the Workplace

Article for The Feminist Club Amsterdam.

Image by Matteo Badini

 “From Peries to Faeries: Exploring the Unexpected Connection of Persian Folklore to Faery Magic”

Feature Article for Witchology Magazine Summer 2023 issue.

Image by Jeff Finley

 “My soul-filled music is to help a heavy heart”

Interview with emerging artist Lori Asha for Public Pressure Magazine. 

Image by Miguel Bruna
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