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Content Marketer and Writer

Explore my work and discover how I craft compelling content and drive digital strategies to make an impact.

About Tatiana


I'm a Content Marketer and Writer with more than 3 years of experience. My journey has spanned continents, and I bring a global perspective to my work.

Key skills:

  • Content Creation

  • Blog and Article writing

  • Digital Marketing

  • Content Marketing and Strategy

  • Social Media Management

I have worked with multinational companies like SchemaZone and Autotrade, as well as small brands like Roast and Tarot Life Divine. I have written for magazines, blogs and non-profit organisations. 

I've honed my skills to craft compelling narratives and amplify brand messages. My mission is to drive change through storytelling and strategic digital campaigns.

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"Tatiana's work benefits from her effective storytelling and copywriting skills."

Autotrade, Russia


Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters
Content Strategy Project For Autotrade

Explore how I used referral marketing and riddles to boost engagement and grow follower count

Image by Jon Tyson

Content Creation Project for Autotrade

Discover how I reshaped Autotrade's brand perception through a diversity awareness campaign.

Image by Nathan Dumlao

Feature for Witchology Magazine

Explore my impactful feature in Witchology Magazine, advocating for ethnic minorities in Siberia.

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